Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wood Duck.

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  1. OMG..this is amazing. I would never have known. How wonderful to see this in its natural state. The trust those little tiny chicks have to just leap out. It is a wonder they do not land on their little heads and break their neck. They just bounce, shake it off, get up and walk away. The second 3rd, they had such a long fall. But I did note, that in each case they had a leaf strewn somewhat soft floor to land on. Thank you for sharing these amazing video's...

  2. I love the idea of your new blog with video clips only! Amazing to watch and I enjoyed seeing them in their natural habitat :)

  3. Hi Ravenmyth,
    Thank you for stoping by and your kind of coment.
    I hope to see you back soon.
    Regards. AleR

  4. Hi Nelieta,
    Many thanks for your compliment!
    Unfortunately I have to say that next posts will be with my coments ( I wont to express my self :-)).
    Agin, Thank you for stoping by! And I hope you will enjoy next posts too.
    Sincerely. AleR